The Dream Commander

Brand new album from Captain SIB!!

Intro to the SIB

For many years we have talked of how to describe what it is that we do. Everytime we fail and end up rocking back and forth wearing nothing but tin foil pants and a freshly microwaved slipper. So, whilst we have a wee think of who we are, here is what someone else has said about us.

Much like Steely Dan during the band’s studio-only period, Captain SIB continues to create sophisticated indie rock and pop music without ever appearing live on stage. Where Steely Dan was a duo who eventually returned to the international concert scene, Captain SIB, a compelling music trio from Hamilton, Scotland, has no obvious plans to do the same. But if you thought the Captain SIB story stopped there, think again.

(c) Paul J Wolfle Music Interview Magazine

Have a listen to our most popular track.

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This is a track that stays with you when you finished listening to it.  That solo piano along with the wood winds simply frolicking in the back of those HUGE ripping guitars – genius!  Lyrically, this reminds me a little of Thomas Dolby’s “She Blinded Me with Science” – this is going to gain a cult following as the MTV generation is going to love this song.

(c) Lakisha D Skinner Klef Notes Review

Track Name : Einstein

From The Album : Einstein

The talented Ghostly Beard digs this one!

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The song I chose is one of my favourite among many others of them, it’s the tale of a robot lost in space, and the song structure itself reinforces the pathos of this tale of loneliness and robotic desperation.
Listen to the Rhodes, which is really the voice of that robot, and the awesome build near the end, complete with tribal percussion that would make Peter Gabriel proud.

(c) Ghostly Beard

Track Name : Ballad of a Fading Robot

From The Album : Stripping the Soul

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